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Services for Individuals and MSMEs

As a returning expat of nearly 15 years with extensive international exposure, I now offer services to both, individuals looking to build a career in Robotics and MSMEs solving cutting-edge technical challenges in mobile robotics. Learn more about the service specifications below.


Services for Individuals

1-on-1 Career Coaching

If you are an early stage researcher (ESR) such as someone who is nearly finished with their Masters or just getting started with their PhD journey and need help building a career plan to break into Robotics, you can opt for a PAID  1-on-1 consulting session with me.


Invited Guest Talk

I love teaching and talking to budding research scholars. If you are a part of a student club, especially Robotics club at a University and would like to invite me for a PAID invited guest talk, I’d be happy to learn more about the opportunity. You can see some of my past guest talk topics to get an idea of the topics I can cover. I am ok with in-person and remote talks.


Services for MSMEs

ROS-based Simulation

Are you looking to test out your mobile robot in a simulated environment? I can help you set up a mock testing facility using the built-in ROS-based simulators so you can take your robot for a spin and validate your approach before testing it on a real robot platform.


Autonomous Navigation

Have a mobile robot that you want to move from point A to B while avoiding obstacles? That too autonomously? Worry not!! I’ll help you develop different autonomous navigation application for mobile robots using ROS.

ROS-based Perception

A mobile robot’s autonomy in an environment is complemented by it’s sensors. And, what good is a sensor if it doesn’t help a robot perceive it’s environment when in need? We can created 2D and 3D simulation-based test applications for your mobile robot that employs sensors like Camera, Lidar, Sonar, Touch sensors. Got a custom sensor? Don’t worry! Just ping me and let me know what you need done and I’ll revert with a custom quotation.  


Corporate ROS Training

Are you an MSME and want your team to be proficient in ROS and/or ROS2? You can now work with me to host online and on-site Corporate ROS Training programs for your teams to get well versed with robots. We will first learn in simulation and if you have a mobile robot on site, we will take it for a spin too!


Latest Projects

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