Kshitij Tiwari Ph.D.

Public Talks

Guest Lectures and Invited Talks

Guest Lectures

I love teaching and aside from developing my own courses for on-demand learning, I also offer guest lectures whenever possible.

For this, I usually team up with faculty members who are already giving a lecture during a particular term and offer complementary lectures that fit well with the scope of the course.

Below is a list of guest lectures I have given over the years:

The ELEC-E8111 course is offered by Prof. Arto Visala, at Aalto University, Finland.

During my Postdoc at Aalto University, I teamed up with Prof. Visala to offer multiple guest lectures spanning various facets of path planning such as informative and coverage path planning.


Invited Public Talks

Aside from guest lectures, another form of public outreach I focus on are invited talks. This could range from anything like a workshop talk at robotics conferences or stage talks for robotics seminars and events.

Over the years, I have given the following invited talks:

Gave an invited talk in June 2020 at the 3-day webinar organized by Beeclust Multi-robot Systems Lab, a student-driven research group affiliated with SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India. The topic of the talk was “Robots & the fight against COVID-19: Have we seen it all?”