Kshitij Tiwari Ph.D.

Mentoring Experience

Helping budding roboticists & early stage researchers

Mentoring Experience

As a part of my teaching philosophy, I like mentoring budding roboticists and early stage researchers.

This is a great learning experience for me as it gives me immersive exposure to the typical problems students face when dealing with robots in real life. 

Over the years, I have been working on harnessing various mentorship opportunities across the globe. 

As an academic mentor, one of the key responsibility I have is to uplift my peers especially the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) by guiding them not only with research publications but also with preparing for presentations upon acceptance. One of the PhD candidates I used to co-advise got a paper accepted for a workshop at ICRA 2019 called ViTac: Integrating Vision and Touch for Multimodal and Cross-modal Perception. We jointly prepared the slides and rehearsed the presentation which was then delivered by the student in-person.

As a Postdoc, aside from spearheading my own research as a part of the larger research group, I also co-advise multiple Masters and PhD candidates. Sometimes, this also includes Bachelors students and temporary Interns.

With the onset of COVID-19, numerous efforts were made to come up with innovative solutions to mitigate the risks. One such initiative I supported as a Mentor was the CODE-19 Hackathon organized by the Motwani Jadeja Foundation.