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Hi! This is Kshitij Tiwari.

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About Me

Hi! This is Kshitij Tiwari. I am a Freelance Robotics Consultant & Educator. I received my Ph.D. from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (JAIST), Japan in 2018. I also obtained a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence with a special focus in Intelligent Robotics from the University of Edinburgh (2014) and a B.Eng. in Electronics & Communication from the University of Hong Kong (2013).

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Research Interests

As a research scholar, within the realm of mobile robotics, I am more specifically interested in enhancing the autonomy and resilience of mobile robots operating under resource constraints. To this end, I broadly work under three research pillars: operational range estimation, biomimetic whiskers and unconventional sensing.

Operational Range Estimation

As most robots these days operate on batteries, it is crucial to careful monitor the residual energy and plan the mission accordingly to avoid complete immobilization by estimating the operational range. How far can the robot go given it's residual battery capacity?

Biomimetic Whiskers

Cameras have become the go-to solution when it comes to navigation with mobile robots. In Nature, rats however, are able to use their whiskers to safely navigate through dark and damp conditions despite coarse eyesight. Can we make biomimetic rat whisker for touch-based navigation?

Unconventional Sensors

Aside from biomimetic whiskers I am also interested in design and development of unconventional sensors with a small form factor suited to mobile robots yet capable of solving critical tasks like vital sign detection and environmental monitoring.


On Demand YouTube Lectures

Of late, I have also started sharing my knowledge through my YouTube channel where I teach budding scholars about Robotics, Research and Academia.


Guest Lectures & Invited Talks

I love teaching UG/PG students about the various facets of mobile robotics and making them aware about the practical challenges we face when deploying the robots out in the field. You can check out some of the past guest lectures and invited talks I've given over the years.

Media Coverage

Coming soon!


Academic Research

Are you an early stage researcher looking for resources to help you ease into academia? About to start your PhD but unsure what to expect? Not sure if PhD is even the right choice for you? All this and a whole lot available for you as a series of curated blogs focused on my learnings from academia over the years.

Mobile Robots

Are you looking to get started with robotics? Are you on a limited budget but still want to able to learn robotics from the comfort of your home? Want to learn various aspects of robotics but not sure how to get started? Learn all about robotics with a special focus on mobile robots through my dedicated robotics blog series.


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